Your A.I. coach for beating the Stock Market

Investment decisions based on machine-learning algorithms allow to lower risk and unlock the potential of higher returns while avoiding mistakes driven by emotions.

Zenvestment makes these models available to individual investors, in a completely transparent way and for a low flat fee.

“All models are wrong, some are useful.”
George Box

Keep your money close

Zenvestment doesn’t require you to transfer money or to give access to your accounts. Stay with the online broker you’re using today, keep your credentials private. You can stop using Zenvestment at any time, or use it as much or as little as you want.

Zenvestment simply emails you with instructions. Submitting orders yourself takes only a few minutes every month, but it means lower costs and total control for you.


Higher Performance-to-risk Ratio

The higher the risk, the higher the returns (well, in theory at least). You want to get annual returns close to 10%, but not risking losing 50% in a few months? This is where our approach can help. Our models are not magical. You won't get Bitcoin-like returns with Treasury Bill risks. But you can still expect steadier performance and higher average returns.