Find and follow your own
investment method

Stop losing time, over-paying finance professionals or trusting so-called experts.
Zenvestment allows you to choose, test and follow your own system.     See more

1 Build your own Strategy, or Select an existing one,
2 measure its Performance since 2007 and 3 start Trading it today


Zenvestment democratizes quantitative finance. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, selecting and testing investment criteria only require a few clicks. Feel free to experiment, as even novices can design winning strategies.


In an industry full of black boxes and self-proclaimed experts, this is the only tool that lets you make your own opinion.


Keep your money safe where it is today. We simply provide instructions and don’t even ask for an access to your accounts. We can't lie on the returns, we can't run away with your dollars. We don't ask you to trust us: you don't have to.


No dilemma, no drama, no over-reaction: relying on a systematic method is the only way to actively invest in the stock market without getting an ulcer.


The most successful strategies can return 26% per year and more. What’s your money doing today?


Although you’ll have to pass the orders on your own since Zenvestment only gives instruction, this will take you less than 5 minutes per month. Literally.


There is no minimum investment amount, and since it stays on your account, you can add or withdraw money at any time.


Like really, really free? Yes. It is said if you don't pay for a product, the product being sold is you. Not in this case: there's no advertising on Zenvestment, and we won't use your email address to sell you stuff.


Just try it: exploring strategies and checking their performance only requires your register with your email.