The perfect balance between ‘do it yourself’ and ‘let the pros decide’

Zenvestment doesn't have custody of your money nor manage it as an advisor. So you have a bit of work to do yourself, but it offers safety and extraordinary value for the price.

We send you recommendations, but are not able to touch your money. This allows saving on numerous compliance requirements, which in turn makes Zenvestment more affordable to you. Traditional Advisors need to charge at least an extra 1% just to cover compliance costs, which are redundant anyhow because your cash and securities are already at a Broker/Dealer, itself with stringer requirements. If you invest $50K and have to make 4 trades per year with Zenvestment, that's 4 times 2 minutes that saves you $500. Said otherwise, you have a little work to do, but at an equivalent rate of $3,750 per hour.

More importantly, not having custody of your investments makes Zenvestment safer and more flexible. We do not touch your assets. We can't lie on your returns or run away with your cash. If you want to stop using Zenvestment, you don't have to write us a letter and cross your fingers to get your money back. If you feel like buying some specific stock aside from your usual portfolio, you don't need to ask our permission.


Zenvestment’s portfolio holds no more than 12 stocks at any time, and aims to rebalance no more than 3 stocks per week, in order to minimize trading costs and time. These stocks can be either medium-to-large individual companies or ETFs, traded on US markets.


Subscribers receive an update every Wednesday morning. Most of the time, no actions are necessary (regulations require us to send information periodically). If the model indicates that you should change your positions, it will show the exact recommendations. For instance "Action Prescribed: replace all AAPL stocks with AMZN".


It only takes a few minutes to place the buy and sell orders to follow Zenvestment’s model, which you can do with any broker of your choice. We never touch your money, and all your statements, tax reports, etc, will be handled by your broker.

Now for the bad news... Zenvestment is by invitation only. You are welcome to register yourself on the waitlist, but having a referral (ideally an existing subscriber) speeds up things.